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Don't compromise health over convenience. Boost your protection from viruses for stress-free and safer driving.

Car Cleaning

Make it clean and clutter-free with Car Cleaning.

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Cleaning of car steering wheels, dashboard, clutch, door handles, brake pedals, and compartment box.

Cleaning of car seats.

Cleaning of car windshields, wipers and rear view mirrors.

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Cleaning of other car exterior parts i.e. roof, headlights, windows, doors. door handles, and more.

Cleaning of car carpet, cushions, and seat covers.

Cleaning of car wheels / tires.

Car cleaning is applicable with steam sterilization; deep cleaning.

Scope of work may vary and is tailored to your requirements. Customized cleaning solutions available upon consultation.

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Maintaining the cleanliness of your car is just as crucial as keeping your home tidy. Considering that your vehicle is your daily driver, it's essential to keep it free from dirt and clutter.

Certain areas in your car, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter, door handles, center console, and window switches, are high-touch points that accumulate dirt, food particles, spills, and crumbs over time. If neglected, these areas become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that can quickly multiply and spread. Additionally, dust buildup is inevitable due to static electricity. To ensure a healthy and safe car interior, regular cleaning is necessary, ideally performed at least every two weeks.

At Marvel Cleaners, we utilize advanced steam cleaning technology and deep cleaning procedures to rejuvenate your car's interior. Our professional cleaners are skilled in providing thorough car cleaning services, leaving your vehicle looking good as new in no time.

We understand that as a busy professional, you value convenience.

That's why we offer car cleaning services that can be done right at your home. There's no need to make an extra stop or disrupt your schedule. Simply book a slot with us, and we'll clean your car at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space. This saves you valuable time that you can spend with your family or on other important tasks.

Our comprehensive car cleaning service offers an upgraded car wash experience. It includes exterior car wash, interior deep cleaning and surface sanitation, carpet shampooing, and steam sterilization. You don't have to worry about availing separate cleaning services to complete the process. Experience the power of deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, sanitation and disinfection, and steam sterilization all in one service for your vehicle.

Give your car the attention it deserves and enjoy a fresh, clean, and hygienic driving environment. Book our car cleaning service today and let us transform your vehicle with our expertise and advanced cleaning techniques.


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