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Our carpet cleaning will help your carpet return to its best possible condition. Worry no more over trapped dirt and visible stains!

Carpet Cleaning

Freshen space up with Carpet Cleaning.

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Interior Modern Brick House

Cleaning of office carpets / carpeted floors.

Cleaning of living rooms / sala carpets i.e plush, plain, printed, and fur.

Cleaning of bedroom carpets.

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Neutral Decor
Image by Muzammil Soorma

Cleaning of Morrocan or hand-woven carpets.

Cleaning of accent carpet and rugs.

Cleaning of stair carpets / rods.

Scope of work may vary and is tailored to your requirements. Customized cleaning solutions available upon consultation.

Carpet cleaning is more effective with steam sterilization.

Fast quote.
Real solution.
Reliable results.

Let's face it - carpets can become dirty and accumulate a significant amount of dirt. However, with our thorough carpet cleaning service, we can make that mess disappear without relying on harmful chemicals. Our professional cleaners are skilled at removing dirt and dust from your carpet's fibers, ensuring it stays cleaner for longer and making you feel great about your favorite space.

Our carpet cleaning method not only eliminates dirt and dust but also leaves your home or office space with the added benefit of clean, fresh-smelling carpets. This contributes to excellent indoor air quality, which has been a challenge for many households. Through a thorough carpet cleaning, you can improve the overall air quality in your space.

In addition to dirt removal, our carpet cleaning service can also tackle stains, whether they are new or old. Depending on the nature of the stain and how long it has settled in, our cleaning process can effectively remove or significantly lessen its visibility.

Maintaining clean carpets is essential because they often accumulate more dirt as they are in constant contact with the floor. Dirty carpets can harbor pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, and remnants of toxic gases, which can trigger asthma, allergies, and other diseases. By investing in carpet maintenance, you are ensuring a healthy and safe space for everyone.

Our dedicated cleaning team utilizes the Hydro-Vacuum method for dirt extraction and shampooing, along with a scrubbing technique using laundry fishnet and loofa for double cleansing. You can trust that our professional cleaners will handle your carpets and rugs with care, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process.

For larger carpets, particularly in office spaces, we employ a high-end steam cleaner to tackle tough stains, dirt, and debris. This powerful steam cleaner is also suitable for medium-sized carpets that require deep cleaning.

At Marvel Cleaners, we provide you with the flexibility to choose whether you would like your home carpets cleaned at your location or at our site. If you opt for our site cleaning service, shipped items typically take 3-7 days to complete, depending on the size. The advantage of having your carpets cleaned at our site is that you won't need to allocate space for cleaning and drying. Additionally, we use our own carpet blower to expedite the drying process, ensuring faster turnaround time.

Contact us today to speak with a professional who can customize a carpet cleaning solution that meets your specific needs. Marvel Cleaners is committed to delivering outstanding results and ensuring your carpets are clean, fresh, and ready to enhance the beauty and comfort of your space.


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