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Upholstery Cleaning

Do not wait for couch and mattress stains to settle in! Have it thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible through our upholstery cleaning service.

Get cozy and comfy with Upholstery Cleaning.

Interior Design
Image by Kenny Eliason
Swinging Chair

Cleaning of couches/sofas i.e. linen, cotton, velvet, wool, silk, and chenille materials except leather.

Cleaning of bed headboards and benches.

Cleaning of cushion seats and other upholstered items.

White Duvet
Hotel Room with Pillows

Cleaning of bed spring mattresses and foams i.e. support foams, memory foams, foam toppers: semi single, single, double, full double, queen, and king sized.

Cleaning of duvet fillers, duvet covers, bed sheets and throws.

Cleaning of all types of pillows i.e. ordinary pillows, hotel room pillows, memory foam pillows, throw pillows, and bolster pillows.

Scope of work may vary and is tailored to your requirements. Customized cleaning solutions available upon consultation.

Upholstery cleaning gets the best results with steam sterilization.

Fast quote.
Real solution.
Reliable results.

At Marvel Cleaners, we understand the importance of both aesthetics and utility when it comes to cleaning upholstered furniture. Our cleaning service is designed to enhance the appearance and usability of your cherished items.

Whether you have a couch, mattress, or any other upholstered furniture that needs attention, we have the expertise to handle it. Our team is experienced in dealing with different styles and sizes, including traditional, sectional, sleeper, loveseat, single bed, double bed, queen size bed, and king size bed. We take pride in delivering exceptional results without any hassle on your part.

Our dedicated cleaners go the extra mile to tackle deep-seated dirt, dust, stains, and spots on your upholstery, ensuring that you can enjoy your furniture for years to come. We invest the time, energy, and effort required to deliver the desired outcome.

Beyond enhancing appearance, upholstery cleaning plays a crucial role in maintaining a clean home environment and reducing allergens that can pose health concerns. Over time, upholstered furniture accumulates contaminants such as dust mites, mold, mildew, dirt, and grime. Our thorough cleaning process effectively removes these harmful substances, improving indoor air quality and eliminating unpleasant odors.

At Marvel Cleaners, we utilize advanced techniques and equipment to achieve optimal results. Our Hydro-Vacuum machine allows for deep shampooing and dirt extraction, effectively treating stains caused by water, coffee, pens, and more. While the level and duration of stains may impact the outcome, immediate cleanup is always recommended to prevent permanent damage. For tough stains and deep-seated dirt, our powerful steam technology enables us to perform a steam sterilization process, ensuring a thorough clean.

To provide convenience to our customers, we offer the flexibility of on-site or off-site cleaning. Many customers choose to send their items to us through delivery, and we guarantee that they will be returned fresh and clean within the agreed timeframe.

Experience the best upholstery cleaning service with Marvel Cleaners, where we prioritize quality, customer satisfaction, and a healthier living environment.

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